WebCollect is an extension for the web browser. This allows the collect of web page-content and their source. The content, such as a labeled text will be saved as text information. The associated metadata such as URL, access date and time are automatically recorded and stored in the information pool of Refeus.
In addition, you will be able to take in the infopool, with a simple and comfortable click, the bibliographic information of scientific publications from various online databases such as PubMed, Wiley, Springer Link.
WebCollect is available for the browser Mozilla Firefox ESR 38, Google Chrome and Chromium.

Google Chrome and Chromium

Refeus WebCollect finden sie im Google Chrome Web Store.

WebCollectfür Chrome

Step by Step install guide for Chrome and Chromium: Guide

Mozilla Firefox

Installation file for Firefox Download

Refeus WebCollect supports Mozilla Firefox from Version 24.0. to 38

Note: Please close all tabs after the installation of the extension. Only newly created tabs will support the extension.

WebCollectfor Firefox ESR 38

Step by Step install guide for Firefox: Guide

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