Refeus Handbook

This handbook will help you to easily and fast become acquainted with the most important features of Refeus. This handbook is structured by the four main activities of Refeus: Collect, Manage, Write and Export.

Simply click on the adjacent links and screenshots to obtain a detailed, step-by-step instruction for the corresponding operation. There you can move using the buttons next or back to the next step. The mouse cursor displayed in the screenshots will help you to follow instructions.



The main activity Collect allows to simply research analogical and digital sources and content and apply it to your database. The integrated ISBN or keyword search field can easily take sources from the Internet. Using Refeus Mobile you will be able to collect various sources and scan bar code labels on the back of a book from any location, e.g. the library. There are references and other important metadata on Internet researched content, which protect from inadvertent plagiarism.

Collecting content and sources is now simplified by the applications Refeus WebCollect for your web browser and Refeus Mobile for your tablet or smartphone.

Refeus WebCollect

WebCollect is an add-on for your web browser. It allows collecting Internet researched content and sources. The gathered content will be saved as textual information. Similarly, the corresponding sources and metadata such as URL and access time will be automatically registered, linked with the content and stored at InfoPool. You can apply sources from the Internet, scientific publications and many databases worldwide like PubMed, Wiley, SpringerLink etc. by point-and-click.


Sources and content can be...

...received from InfoPool

At InfoPool all content and sources determined by Refeus WebCollect and Refeus Mobile will be cached. From there you can apply it to your database or discard. Please notice that all information stored at InfoPool will be saved temporary only.


... researched worldwide

Using the search field sources can be quickly found by entering the title or ISBN including the corresponding bibliographic data (author, title etc.) and applied to your database. Due to the integration into Google Books Refeus provides access to millions of sources worldwide.


... manually

Sources and content can be manually created as well and applied to your database straightforwardly. Moreover, it is possible to import BibTeX-files directly.



The main activity Manage contains the collected body of knowledge. There it is possible to display collected or self-compiled content in a tree structure and simply manage it by drag-and-drop. Likewise your know-how can be flexible structured according to the modular principle. Refeus will automatically establish references between the place of origin, storage and use of all content. Refeus supports you to understand anytime wherefrom information originates, where it is stored and used. You can move from one place to another and it is always just a mouse click away. Furthermore, you can specifically search your database and separately display and edit sources, content, persons as well as self-composed documents. Herewith your entire know-how is made accessible in an optimum way.

In Manage you also have the option to customize the system and document settings. In addition, here you can choose one of over 1000 citation forms.



You can write own documents until they are ready to be published by using the main activity Write. To the right you can create your document using the text editor in your own way of working. With it on the left side the content and chapters are clearly arranged in a tree structure and can be generated and managed by drag-and-drop. Due to the outstanding structure the integrated text editor allows focusing on associative works. You are able to modify the writing (e.g. to cursive) directly in the text. Refeus automatically generates references on all external content, which has previously been linked with the corresponding sources. Choose the citation form and it will be consistently realized in your document.

Subsequently, after finishing your writing, in Export you can determine the layout of your comprehensive document.



Now you can choose the layout and format before exporting your self compiled documents. You also have the option to select one of the existing templates. It is possible to modify them as desired and to embed your own templates.

For exporting at this time the following file formats are available: ODT (DOC, PDF), ODP (PPT), TXT, TEX and HTML.

All content with references to a source will receive an automatically added list of sources for the chosen citation form. Refeus will even generate the table of contents, list of figures and sources.

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